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Wellness Programs for Kids and Teens

Our programs are designed to provide children with the knowledge and tools to nurture their well-being, mental health, growth, love, confidence, and leadership abilities, all while guiding them to deeply connect with themselves, other, and the natural world around them.




1032 Brock St S
Whitby, L1N 4L8




Gentle Skill-building

Breathing Strategies & Techniques

Breathwork techniques to help your child navigate the difficult – and often all-consuming – emotions that may quickly overwhelm them in the scope of their day

Teen & Youth Yoga

Yoga postures and flows that will help your child feel into their body and soul

Meditation Classes

Slow it all down in the mind to work towards a feeling of clarity, where creative ideas and fresh energy flow through on the other-side of the new-found stillness

Calming Activities

A variety of music and art activities that help calm mind in relation to the nervous system


Our Classes


Leaf (ages 5-8)

The little leaf is entering a new world of emotions everyday. How to adjust can be tricky at times.

Price: $25

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Roots (age 4)

A little root digs their way through the ground to discover its own task. This program offers various grounding activities.

Price: Free

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